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KickSecure SOC

Securing Tomorrow Today

KickSecure SOC (Security Operations Centre) provides round-the-clock managed detection and response services to promptly identify and thwart cyber threats. By harnessing the capabilities of RocketCyber's Threat Monitoring Platform, the service vigilantly monitors for malicious activities across three crucial vectors: Endpoint, Network, and Cloud.

At the heart of the service is a dedicated team of seasoned security professionals who take a proactive approach to threat hunting and analysis. They meticulously evaluate alerts, coordinate with the KickSecure team on threat mitigation, and ensure swift action is taken whenever a genuine threat is detected.
Protect your organisation with robust defence, with 24x7 managed detection and response capability, countering cyber incidents as they emerge.

Benefits of a SOC
  • 24X7 Continuous Monitoring 
  • Security Stack
  • No Hardware Required

Threat Intelligence & Hunting

Real-time threat intelligence monitoring, connecting to premium intel feed partners giving our customers the largest global repository of threat indicators. Our SOC Analysts utilise intel telemetry to hunt bad actors and evolving threats.

Breach Detection

Detect adversaries that evade traditional cyber defences such as Firewalls and AV. Identifies attacker Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and aligns with Mitre Att&CK, producing a forensic timeline of chronological events to deter the intruder before a breach occurs.

Intrusion Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of malicious and suspicious activity, identifying indicators such as: connections to nations that could represent a threat, unauthourised TCP/UDP services, backdoor connections to Command & Control (C2) servers.

NextGen Malware

Use your own malware prevention or leverage our command-and-control- app for Microsoft Defender backed up with a secondary line of defence using RocketCyber’s malicious detection of files, tools, processes and more.

Benefits of a SOC

24x7 Monitoring

Provides 24x7 monitoring to stop IT issues before they become a business issue.

Advanced Protection Coordination

Works alongside existing protection such as Firewalls and Anti-Malware software to understand the wider picture.

Consolidated Cybersecurity Intelligence

Consolidates information from multiple sources to provide better visibility against cyber-attacks in progress.

24x7 IT Team Augmentation

Enhances your existing IT team to give 24x7x365 cover to isolate devices that may be compromised.

Proactive Issue Isolation

Isolating devices gives time for IT to understand the issues and resolve them before allowing the device back on the network.


  • We need customers to have a 24x7x365 support service in place and works best with Kick Managed 24x7 Support Contract.
  • Customers with their own 24x7x365 support can also utilise the service.
  • Customers who don’t have an existing support option in place, will require a minimal support contract with Kick to be in place to cover servers, networking and Office 365 as a minimum.
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With a focus on customer satisfaction, advanced security technologies, and a team of dedicated experts, our SOC Service stands out as the leading choice for businesses looking to secure their environment.

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Our 40+ years' infrastructure, heritage and expertise ideally positions us to deliver a comprehensive range of cyber security services to organisations across the UK.


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