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Operating System (OS)

Infor's intelligent cloud ready operating platform to connect all your business applications.

Your organisation will run more efficiently and productively if you centralise all your systems and applications onto one operating platform.

With Infor Operating Service you can do exactly that, accessing a platform that will drive collaboration within your team, integrate your various applications and systems, and deliver deeper operational insights and analysis from across your organisation.

Infor OS can act as the platform on which to drive digital transformation within your organisation, bringing productivity, business process and Artificial Intelligence together in a platform that’s available to deploy in the cloud, on premise or in a hybrid environment.

Crucially, you’ll be able to access a deeper level of operational insight than ever before with Infor OS enabling the removal of siloes from across your organisation, all within a solution that’s built with you employees at the heart of it, making it both a powerful and user friendly platform.

With Kick you’ll be able to leverage our experience as an Infor partner to successfully deploy OS – and to link it with SunSystems and a host of Infor compatible solutions.

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What to expect from Operating Service

User friendly experience

A modern interface, built with user insight at its heart and with capability to build multiple bespoke dashboards.

Anytime, anywhere access

Access your key SunSystems data and related applications in the office, on the road or at home.

Digital workflow and authorisation

With in-built AI reducing cumbersome admin tasks and freeing your people to focus their time where it matters most to your organisations.

Integrate across your Infor eco-system

Use OS as the platform to seamlessly integrate SunSystems and a host of Infor compatible solutions.


Bring employees together

Encourage collaboration across your organisation with centralised applications, un-siloed data and instant messaging.

Trust your data

Real-time access to all the data, from finance to operations, that allows for informed and effective decision making.

Access, integrate and collaborate

Access your SunSystems finance data anytime, anywhere, enjoy greater team collaboration with instant messenger-style communications and integrate all your Sun and 3rd party applications onto one platform.

Fully integrated document management

Access enterprise level document management with Infor Document Management (IDM). Fully integrated with Infor Operating Service, you'll get a centralised document repository with automation at its core. Experience a shortened invoice processing time, faster business processes, minimised data entry and remove the need for manual routing.



Infor Operating Service in three minutes

Why Kick for Infor ERP & finance applications?

Over 250 years of product expertise across our project management, consultation and support teams, providing Infor solutions to over 12,000 users.

A leading UK reseller of Infor applications, a Pegasus Centre of Excellence Partner and Professional Advantage's Strategic Partner of the Year, we are committed to ensuring our people are educated and accredited, with customers able to access the expertise they need to develop their Infor solutions.


We're here to help

Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.