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Business VoIP

Hosted Business VoIP Telephony is an innovative, cost effective and efficient cloud based solution based on our Horizon & 3CX platforms that replaces the need for traditional on-site solutions.

VoIP ensures that your business stays efficient resulting in minimal disruption and increased efficiency by using a network-based design with a data connection (such as ethernet or SoGEA/FTTC broadband), to connect your phone calls.

Ideal for multi-site, growing organisations or even those working remotely, our business VoIP gives you the ability to be proactive no matter where your staff are located and supports flexible working.

Horizon is a complete communications service for business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The service allows administrators to easily manage your environment whilst enabling employees to maximise their productivity.

3CX is an easy to manage, advanced software-based phone platform, ideal for any business or organisation. Affordable, adaptable and reliable, 3CX works with a variety of phone hardware as well as featuring browser-based extensions. Hosted on a remote sever, a local server or even both for extra assurance, 3CX is guaranteed to boost efficiency and productivity.

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What to expect from Business VoIP


In the event of an outage, calls are easily re-routed in minutes with minimal disruption and increased efficiency.


Straightforward installation with pre – programmed hardware that is simply plugged into your broadband router, with added peace of mind that our skilled engineers will do this for you.


Allow staff to work remotely or from different sites with ease. You can also appear local to customers and have the option to choose geographical numbers against your lines.

Easy to use

Horizon and 3CX are easy to administrate, which in turn takes the pressure off your IT manager.


Feature rich with continuous upgrading, meaning you’ll always have the latest technology.


Answer your desk phone on your mobile with fixed line and mobile integration.


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