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Cyber Education

Security Awareness Training and Phishing.

Baseline Testing: The starting point of any Security Awareness Training journey begins with baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a simulated phishing attack.

Train Your Users: Kick can then deploy training from the world's largest library of security awareness training content; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. Training campaigns are scheduled monthly, with scheduled reminder emails to ensure that your users do not forget to complete the training.

Phish Your Users: Kick will initiate simulated phishing attacks, from thousands of templates and community phishing templates. The phishing e-mails look like genuine e-mails but are harmless if clicked on.

See The Results: Enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for both security awareness training and phishing, ready for management, demonstrate the great ROI!

Your Complete Security Awareness Training Program

Kick have partnered with KnowBe4 to offer world-class, user-friendly new-school Security Awareness Training, giving users pre-and post-training phishing security tests that show the percentage of end-users that are Phish-prone. With Security Awareness Training from KnowBe4 we help to facilitate highly effective, random Phishing Security Tests as well as remedial options in case an employee falls for a simulated phishing attack.

Kick ICT can help you find out where your users are in both security knowledge and security culture as you start your security awareness program with Security Awareness Training brought to you by KnowBe4.


  • 91% of successful data breaches start with a spear phishing attack
  • According to Sophos, the average cost of a ransomware attack on businesses in 2021 was ¬£1.5m
  • The average downtime after a ransomware attack is 15 business days
  • The number one step in preventing a ransomware attack is user training
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Why you need Security Awareness Training as part of your Cybersecurity Strategy

Why Kick for Cyber Security?

As a long-established provider of a range of IT services and support, our new cyber security division has the expertise and resources to focus solely on providing premier protection and safeguarding your vital data.


We're here to help

Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.