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Power Apps is an innovative app builder designed to make creating professional apps a seamless and straightforward process. With a low-code approach to developing custom apps, the platform gives organisations the ability to modernise their business processes and increase productivity through solutions that can be tailored to their unique challenges.


Cutting down the time it takes to build an app from months to a few hours, Power Apps is the ultimate user-friendly app development tool. Through a simplified a module selection approach, it's possibly to quickly build solutions and effortlessly link them up with your data.

The apps created on Microsoft’s platform employ the same logic as Excel and run on a range of devices, including web, Android and iOS. In addition to reducing the timescale and workload involved to develop mobile-friendly solutions, Power Apps collects data from all your existing your business applications, including Dynamics 365, Office 365 and third-party sources, ensuring your app paints the full picture of what's going on in your organisation.


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Power Apps Overview

Discover what you can build with Microsoft Power Apps. Spark creativity and unlead innovation with the simplicity of low-code.

What to expect from Power Apps

User-friendly Interface

The Power Apps platform features a series of functionalities designed to help users easily get to grips with the system. Pre-built templates, simple drag-and-drop options and seamless deployment capabilities enable your team to quickly launch custom apps, then carry on developing improvements.

Accessible Quality

Microsoft have ensured companies can build exceptional solutions in house without trading development time for quality by providing Power Apps users access to advanced features historically reserved for professional coders, such as pre-built AI components

Potential to Expand

On top of the entry-level low code approach, the platform has the built-in potential to expand its capabilities though custom connections with Azure Functions and on-premise systems, which makes it the ultimate developer playground

Endless Connectivity Options

As well as being a fantastic standalone system, Power Apps has the ability to integrate with a range of Microsoft products, including the rest of the Power Platform, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure, along with various third-party apps, enabling you to build custom end-to-end solutions for your business

Advanced Scalability

All the low-code apps your team creates with Power Apps can easily be scaled using Azure to meet the large-scale requirements of your organisation. Through Azure, you can easily create and manage your company’s app development efforts, access your entire data log and take advantage of various reusable components

Common Questions

There's loads of uses for Power Apps and some can be very organisation specific, however, there's some common uses relevant to the majority of businesses. Here's our starter for 10...

  • On site attendance (we've created our own Kick Power App for this)
  • Employee onboarding
  • Annual leave request
  • Expenses Approval
  • IT service request
  • Field employees visiting client sites/sales intake
  • Mobile apps for inspections/reviews

At the moment Microsoft do not offer the Power Platform as a package, but you can buy each individual component and combine them to meet your needs. You can assess a free version of Power Apps, or purchase a license. However, the licensing guidance can be rather confusing, so we recommend contacting our team with your pricing queries

Low-code is method to develop applications that simplifies the process so anyone can easily and quickly create custom apps—regardless of technical training or coding experience.  Low-code utilises visual methods for app building. Low-code users can use templates and drag-and-drop capabilities to create simple or complex web and mobile applications that meet the specific needs of their organisation.

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Why Kick for
Microsoft Power Platform?

We are dedicated to sharing our expertise with companies from across the UK. Our team can answer all of your Power Platform questions and advise on the best solution for your organisation.

If you want to learn more about what the products in Microsoft’s Power Platform can do for you, get in touch with our Dynamics team. With over 300 years combined experience delivering transformational Microsoft solutions and accreditation's including Microsoft Gold and Silver, you can trust in our expertise - we’re here to help.

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