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Pro-Active Security Monitoring

The next generation of anti virus protection.

Protect your company with pro-active security monitoring from Kick. Want to make sure that your sensitive data stays secure? Now is the time to think about our pro-active security monitoring service.

Data breaches have become increasingly more common among businesses due to security threats growing in sophistication. These data breaches can happen for any number of reasons including unpatched systems, mis-configured systems, weak passwords, unsecured information and poor security practices.

Our pro-active security monitoring service aims to combat these potential breaches using three main elements: Vulnerability Scanning, Early Warning Service and Data Breach Notification.



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Vulnerability Scanning

We provide a fully automated service, hosted in Azure that will provide a point-in-time assessment of the devices on your network that are accessible from your firewall and visible on the Internet.

This service will scan your public IP addresses and your company website once per month and will identify and categorise vulnerabilities as well as identifying unsupported software. Each month, you will receive a summary report of the findings as well as the recommendations to remediate any risk.

Our vulnerability service provides a ‘behind the scenes’ visibility of your systems on the Internet allowing us to make sure that your systems are as protected as they can be.

NCSC Early Warning Service

The National Cyber Security Centre’s Early Warning service is a free service that is designed to provide notifications of potential cyber attacks on your network by processing several UK-focused threat intelligence feeds from trusted public, commercial and closed sources, which includes several privileged feeds not available elsewhere.

The Early Warning service will deliver feeds of the following types of threat information:

  • Incident Notifications
  • Network Abuse Events
  • Vulnerability Alerts

We will sign your organisation up to the NCSC Early Warning service and will monitor and action any alerts received pertaining to your network.


Data Breach Notification

The Email Address Data Breach Service is an alerting service to raise awareness that credentials from your organisation have been exposed in a data breach. Any e-mail address in your company’s domain that appears in a data breach, anywhere in the world, will be flagged, along with any additional details exposed, such as usernames, passwords, addresses, and phone numbers etc.

This is a crucial feature of defence as being listed on the service can be an early indicator of a forthcoming attack.

Using a technique known as 'credential stuffing', cyber criminals take a list of usernames and passwords that they have managed to access and try them against other sites. As many people often use the same username and password across multiple services, this method can be particularly effective for these criminals obtaining people's data.


Why Kick for Cyber Security?

As a long-established provider of a range of IT services and support, our new cyber security division has the expertise and resources to focus solely on providing premier protection and safeguarding your vital data.


We're here to help

Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.