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Power BI Connector

Easily analyse your SunSystems data.

As an Infor SunSystems user, you may be experiencing first hand the challenges of applying modern analytics tools such as Power BI to uncover insights from your financial data. This challenge is not only limited to the analysis of SunSystems data, but also combining it with other non-SunSystems data for a 360° view of the business.

A Power BI Connector solves the problem of automating the data extraction from an Infor SunSystems database and translating it into an Microsoft Power BI data model.

This allows Power BI users to drop data entities on to their reporting canvas and build up effective visualisations and analytics without having to understand anything about the underlying Infor SunSystems database schema.

Get a single point of view with Power BI's ability to combine data from hundreds of data sources. Built-in functionality allows users to slice, dice and transform data using built-in or custom visuals. Then choose what and when to publish and share insights.


Ask the experts

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What to expect from Power BI Connector

Integrate Systems

Drag and drop Infor SunSystems data entities delivered to Power BI canvas.

Summarise Transactions 

Ability to define summary or detail transactions for different time periods.

Unify Data

Consolidate data from multiple systems together with Infor SunSystems data and analyse it in one report.


We're here to help

Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.