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Kick ICT Group acquires C2 Software Limited

Collect Credit Management from Professional Advantage is an unrivalled credit management system specifically developed for Infor SunSystems and designed to automate and streamline your credit control, improving productivity with immediate cost benefits.

Seamlessly integrated with SunSystems and a single point of entry, Collect Credit Management can be personalised for each user allowing you to generate a daily activity list based on action codes and promise date.

What to expect from Collect Credit Management

Single Entry Point

With all SunSystems held info meaning all necessary information is at close quarters for your credit controller


Search and Find

The search functionality allows rapid search capability across accounts and invoices


Process Automation

For production and sending of reminder letters and statements



Anytime, Anywhere

Fully mobile platform accessible across any device - mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop


Collection Lists

Producing recommended listings of debtors for collection listings




Cost Saving

On print and post with promises, requests, letters and statements all able to be sent via e-mail

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