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Pro-Active Security Monitoring Webinar

In the current climate of frequent cyberattacks and mass security breaches, it’s important to remain up to date with a strong range of preventative measures to ensure your sensitive data remains secure. An effective mix of measures is needed now more than ever, did you know that 90% of organisations were affected by phishing attacks in 2021? The result of which was a 66% increase in fraudulent activity and scams.

Our webinar covers:

  • Vulnerability Scanning – A point-in-time assessment of the devices on your network that are accessible from your firewall
  • NCSC Early Warning Service – Notifications of potential cyber attacks on your network by processing several UK-focused threat intelligence feeds from trusted public, commercial and closed sources
  • Data Breach Notification – An alerting service to raise awareness that credentials from your organisation have been exposed in a data breach

If you are interested in learning how Kick can help to secure your business, you can view our recent webinar by clicking here 

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