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Easy Warehouse Management with Tasklet Factory

Remove costly errors and boost efficiency in your warehouse with Tasklet Mobile WMS

Join Kick ICT to learn how you can go from manual and paper-based to digital and automated in your warehouse with a mobile data collection solution from Tasklet.

Tasklet Mobile WMS is a super user-friendly barcode scanning solution that can help you:

  • Minimise errors like item misplacements, faulty picks, and wrong shipments in your warehouse
  • Boost efficiency in your warehouse by removing pen-and-paper in favour of digital validation
  • Improve warehouse data accuracy with real-time data and controlled processes

Claus Holmsgaard from Tasklet Factory addresses common warehousing pain points that businesses encounter and shows how to relieve them using a handheld scanner and the Tasklet Mobile WMS extension.

Mobile WMS is easy to implement and integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central – and it works offline too.


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