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Are your current reporting & analytics processes allowing you to successfully operate remotely, whilst giving you all the data you need? The reality is, most companies are still relying on manual, time consuming, and error prone processes to get critical information from their Microsoft Dynamics systems. 

At Kick, in conjunction with our partner, Jet Global, we can help. 

This 30-minute webinar will give you a better understanding of Jet Reports and is ideal for customers who are new to Jet or those looking to get more from their current Jet reporting solution, covering: 

  • Get Connect to your Data Source 
  • Use the Fast Financials Wizard 
  • Learn how a Jet Function Works 
  • Explore and use the drag/drop Browser 
  • Review and use the Standard Reports 

You’ll gain a greater understanding of how Jet can help improve your reportingenable remote workers to access data from anywhere at any time and get a clear sense of your business during these unprecedented times.

If you are interested in finding out more about Jet reports, then you can view our recent webinar by clicking here.

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