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Join Kick and Gamma as we discuss the PSTN withdrawal


We’ll discuss all the implications of the major infrastructure upgrade, alongside providing advice on how best to prepare as we approach the deadline.

As a business owner you may not be aware of the phased roll out of fibre broadband services across the UK, ultimately replacing the outdated and unreliable PSTN analogue network. The plan is that the traditional PSTN network will be switched off by December 2025. However, as 62% of businesses in the UK are still using traditional telephony systems for their main customer communications, businesses should be proactive in their approach so that the disruption to operations is kept to a minimum.


Other affected systems include:

  • Alarm lines
  • CCTV systems with remote monitoring
  • Buildings with lifts
  • Emergency phones
  • PDQ card machines


In the meantime, you can read more about these changes on our latest blog post.


Key Information


Date: Tuesday 3 August

Time: 10am

Venue: Online

Hosts: Kick and Gamma

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