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JWF (Group) Limited have been providing end-to-end instrumentation and measurement solutions to sectors including oil and gas, energy, pharmaceutical and chemicals for almost 60 years. 

A Kick customer for several years, we’ve worked closely with the team at JWF to continually evolve their IT environment, ensuring the business operates from a modern and resilient infrastructure, protected from the latest, continually evolving cyber threats.   

The last year saw a focus on working with JWF on their Cyber Essentials Plus project, an accreditation they successfully achieved in December 2020

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Operating from a modern infrastructure

An initial priority with JWF was setting in place their IT foundation, involving an assessment of the infrastructure, decommissioning several ageing and unproductive servers and consolidating to a single server set up. This work reduced JWF’s infrastructure and security costs and de-risked the environment from both a security and operational perspective. 

Furthermore, this new, single server environment was cloud-based with all the security, access and efficiencies this brings, including the opportunity to move all key Office 365 applications into the cloud.  As a result, JWF are able to access emails, drives and data anytime, anywhere, and take advantage of a range of Microsoft applications, including Teams and SharePoint, supporting collaborative, remote working and organisation-wide sharing and collaboration on documents and products. 

Protective, preventative cyber security

Maximising JWF’s cyber security protection has been a continual theme of our work together, with the business now operating from multi-layered security package offering a range of protective and preventative measures, including: 

  • Business grade firewalls, strengthening the barrier between JWFs internal network and external trafficblocking potential viruses, malicious traffic and hackers 
  • Email filtering deployed to protect against phishing and limit spam 
  • Off-site back up within our datacentre, ensuring key data and applications are safe, secure and accessible with a 99.982% up time  

Cyber Security

External accreditation with Cyber Essentials Plus

resilient, modern environment with protective cyber security measures in place, our partnership with JWF has focused more recently on their Cyber Essentials journey.  Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme designed to help protect organisations, their partners, employees and customers against the most common cyber-attacks.  With JWF, we worked collaboratively to firstly achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation before supporting their 2020 objective to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus. 

Cyber Essential Plus is the highest level of accreditation offered under the Cyber Essentials scheme, with JWF recognising this as becoming an ever-increasing expectation from both existing and new customers.  CE Plus demands an organisation has an even stronger, more robust cyber security environment than necessary for Cyber Essentials, with focus in areas such as phishing attacks and hacking, with a requirement to have an outside accrediting body undertake a detailed cyber security audit.  We worked with JWF to support them on the audit and accreditation process and were delighted to see them achieving Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation in December 2020. 

We take great peace of mind from having an incredibly secure IT environment, working closely with the team at Kick to understand the range of cyber security solutions available and to best deploy into our organisation.

We also place great value in industry accreditations, with one of our key accreditation goals for 2020 being to achieve Cyber Essential Plus.  Kick supported us every step of the way here, leveraging their expertise in both our IT security set up and the Cyber Essentials Plus framework to deliver a successful project that resulted in our accreditation in December 2020.

David Gemmell, Finance Director, JWF (Group) Limited

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Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.

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