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Kick ICT Group acquires C2 Software Limited

B4B Electronic Payments & Remittances from Professional Advantage is an easy to use yet  highly sophisticated payment management tool catering for today’s global banking requirements.

B4B brings international and domestic payments together, allowing multi-national companies to set up a global payments operation from a single sources - reducing inaccuracies, time and cost.

What to expect from B4B Electronic Payments & Remittances

Full integration

Built to deliver deep integration with Infor SunSystems, including embedded B4B shortcuts


Improved Efficiency

Automation reduces errors and inaccuracies, leading to savings in both costs and time


Fully Customisable

To reflect the look, feel and design of your organisation


Real Time Data Synchronisation

From B2B to SunSystems, delivering reliable data



Standardised Workflow

Ensuring uniformed process across organisation to all payment requirements




Global View

Of all international and domestic payments in one application

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