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Kick ICT Group acquires C2 Software Limited

The most powerful ad hoc analysis solution for Infor SunSystems from Professional Advantage.

Encompassing SunSystems ledger, iPOS eProcurement, Bank Reconciliation and Collect Credit Management (all available for deployment through Kick), Advanced Inquiry (AQ) enables you to perform deep analysis on your SunSystems ledger and iPOS from any dimension, all within a user-friendly interface and with the capability to quickly extract data to Microsoft Office for further review.


What to expect from Advanced Inquiry

Rapid Data Extraction

The fastest extraction speed of any inquiry tool for Infor SunSystems


Full Integration

Exclusively built to integrate with Infor SunSystems


Enhanced Reporting

Suitable for ad hoc inquiry and self-service reporting with no configuration


Microsoft Office Ready

With instant transfer of data to Microsoft Office for analysis




Highly Secure

With enhanced functional security controls across selected entities, either inclusive or exclusive





Greater Transaction Flexibility

The drill down and drill around features from any Infor SunSystems transaction

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