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Discover how an ERP System can help your business

The most basic way to define ERP is to consider the defining features of the primary aspects of the business process. This can include Supply Chain, Budget Planning, Financial Management, Business Forecasting and Business Management Software.

ERP systems or ERP suites, as they are sometimes known, efficiently manage each of these processes in one integrated system that share one common database with the intention of bridging the gap between front of house business activities and back of house.

Budget Planning

Budget planning becomes a seamless, centralised process when it is done through use of an ERP system. Having your business data in one place can allow you to view your entire business landscape and make data driven decisions accordingly.

Business Forecasting

A modern ERP solution provides businesses with greater control and understanding over their data gathered each day. ERP software eliminates the need for manual consolidating of numbers and the analysis of spreadsheets and data and instead automates the process and provides forecasting in areas such as demand forecasting, financial forecasting and supply forecasting.

Supply Chain

A successful supply chain lies in its ability to manage planning, execution, control, and monitoring in order to build a proactive infrastructure. An ERP system can allow your business supply chain to keep up with the speed at which your business runs by ensuring that your data runs seamlessly  

Keeping up with the speed of business requires a fast, agile, and digital supply chain—where data, inventory, and capital all flow seamlessly to ensure customer needs are met. Efficient financial supply chain management digitally transforms supplier transactions and creates a single version of truth extending across ERP and disparate systems. Automating processes such as invoice management, payables, and supplier financing help foster a healthy supply chain. Organisations can see lower costs, greater working capital, and improved supplier relationships.

Financial Management

Modern ERP solutions can help your business increase profitability as well as efficiency when it comes to finance management. An ERP can provide a dashboard of useful insights that can offer an overview of your company’s finances in real time so you can stay up to date with your company’s financial data anytime and anywhere. It can also eliminate the need to enter data manually through its simple automation of day-to-day tasks.

ERP technology is rapidly expanding and developing, getting better and better at bringing processes together. Once your processes, systems, and data are connected, you’ll get the intelligence, acceleration, and adaptability you need to start optimising your operations.

Bring together the various processes within your business into one fluid system to help connect the entirety of your data in order to gain better insights that will help optimise your business as whole. ERP solutions allow for improved security and privacy within companies as well as flexible deployment options and manageable customisation.

We are long standing Infor partners, with expertise in developing, consulting, deploying and supporting a wide range of Infor solutions and add on products, capable of delivering your organisation a modern ERP platform.

With Kick, become a truly connected organisation and make decisions based on unified, reliable data by implementing a modern ERP solution that provides a true, real-time view of your business and its performance. Contact us today to find out more. 

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