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Discover how business mobiles can enhance your business.

Today, mobile phones have become a vital source of communication in our day-to-day lives. This has extended into working environments, more so than ever before, by the growing use of hybrid working. Outdated, static methods of communication are being replaced with products and services that allow for far more flexibility when working. Boosting productivity, mobility, safety and morale across your workforce are just some of the benefits business mobiles can bring.


Improved communication

One of the obvious reasons companies look to invest in business mobiles is the enhanced communications throughout the business. Business mobiles allow staff to be able to reach out to their colleagues or clients, on the go wherever they are without having to utilise their personal mobile.

Work remotely

Business mobiles also offer employees the opportunity to work more flexibly. Flexible working conditions often act as an incentive to attract more employees to the company and are a good method for retention of staff.                                         

Access emails

Another key benefit of business mobiles is the ability to access other technology via the device such as email or internet access. If a customer needs something urgently, this can easily be picked up on remotely using a business mobile and therefore improving customer service experiences.

International use

In the event that your employees are traveling globally, business mobiles can make communication cost-effective and simple so long as the appropriate tariff is selected. Business mobiles can also be used to communicate with global clients, therefore expanding your business.


Mobile Hotspots

Business mobiles offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of being able to pick up emails anywhere at any time, but they can also offer flexibility when it comes to using your laptop outside of the workplace. With the correct tariff, you can hotspot your laptop from your business mobile to give you full access to the internet from your laptop on the go, granting an even greater degree of flexibility.

At Kick, we use our in-depth knowledge of the mobile telephone systems industry, to understand your individual business needs and provide a fully tailored mobile solution to help your business become more responsive, efficient, and productive with unique tariffs tailored to you.

Find out how Kick can help your business with business mobiles here.

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