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Welcome to the first Kickabout of 2022. 2021 was exciting for us all here at Kick, achieving many great milestones with staff who are the best in the business. We’re looking forward to what this year holds, for our employees, partners and clients alike.


60 second takeaways


  1. As security threats become increasingly sophisticated and pose greater risks of data breach, did you know Kick offer a pro-active security monitoring service? It combines three essential elements to protect your sensitive data: Vulnerability Scanning, Early Warning Service and Data Breach Notification.

  2. Register for our webinar next week with Sana, the agile Dynamics add-on that powers your e-commerce using the latest data from your ERP. By providing an always-accurate web experience, Sana helps create trust and loyalty with your customers.

  3. February marks the return of our Infor User Day! Join Kick, Infor partners and a host of Infor users at Murrayfield on 24 February, as we discuss the latest developments within the Infor world and particularly the upcoming SunSystems 7 cloud release.

  4. As Openreach add 98 exchanges to its ‘stop sell’ programme, the journey away from analogue lines to full fibre is increasingly becoming reality. The addition of these ‘stop sell’ announcements bring the total number of notified exchanges to 550, involving nearly 5 million premises. Unsure if your business is affected? Reach out to our Communications experts today.


Did you know?


January is National Mentoring Month! At Kick, we have 19 people within the business who are supported by our mentoring programme. The initiative has been invaluable in helping develop mentee skills not only professionally, but also with discussing personal goals and ambitions.



Thanks, from the team at Kick!

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