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Business benefits of a Cloud ERP solution

Digital disruption

Although emerging technologies are transforming the workplace, many people remain held to the opinion that changing processes is disruptive. However, with sufficient planning, risk assessment and a willingness to change, change can be implemented smoothly and successfully.

ERP systems are one of the latest technologies to adopt digital transformation, namely providing Cloud-based solutions. And whilst on-premises solutions still have their place in many modern and successful businesses, the agility of the Cloud has excelled users through disruption.


Why move your ERP to the cloud? The way we do business is changing, and with the new generation demanding key benefits such as remote working and flexible hours, employers need to adapt to attract the best talent. With a cloud-based ERP solution, working remotely has never been easier.


Here are our top 10 reasons for moving your ERP solution to the cloud:

Fast implementation – your key financials can be set up in as little as one week

Remote access – cloud-based technology allows users to work from any device, anywhere

Cost-Effective – cloud-based subscriptions are cost-effective, negating the need for on-premises infrastructure

Better data insights – improve efficiencies based on real data analysis and results

Scalability – implement a system that can grow along with your business

Customisable – easily add modules and apps to meet your industry-specific requirements

Streamline processes – introduce automation and workflows to replace repetitive manual processes

Secure – transmit, store and protect data securely in line with the GDPR

Integration – connect with other cloud applications like Office 365 and in-depth reporting tools

Boost productivity – allow your workforce to become more efficient with better processes


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