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What is SunSystems 7?


SunSystems 7 will be the latest update to Infor’s innovative finance ERP system. Built from years of experience, SunSystems offers a user-friendly and comprehensive solution that is capable of meeting the toughest financial management demands. With its highly anticipated launch, SunSystems 7 is set to empower you to adapt whilst offering a scalable solution that can grow with you.


What can we expect from SunSystems 7?


Positioned as a SaaS-based, multi-tenancy cloud platform, SunSystems 7 will optimise costs and efficiencies by reducing duplicate efforts, as data can be accessed by all users at any time. A true-cloud application, the comprehensive ERP reduces the cost of ownership and offers an enhanced ability to scale with your business.


Intuitive interface

Its fully customisable dashboards are a major draw, providing real-time user-friendly reports that are enhanced with deep analysis capabilities. A unified view across applications connects users and provides a consistent experience, providing the data needed to make better decisions. Its powerful cloud-based analysis automatically creates budgets, to help better distinguish spending and manage costs.



As the system is cloud-based, laws and governance requirements will be continually updated and rolled out to reflect the latest changes in regulations. Automatic updates will be served to all users within an organisation, ensuring all staff have access to up-to-date information.



The most obvious benefit of the SaaS solution is that you can reap the benefits of avoiding on-premises infrastructure and hardware costs. The new multi-tenancy system will allow the software to be shared amongst many different clients, by partitioning it into logical units with individual resources. This will make SunSystems 7 more accessible to smaller organisations, delivering a quality accounting solution without major licensing costs.


With more details on Infor SunSystems 7 to be released in due course, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay informed with the latest updates.

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