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One of the most significant business requirements at present is to provide consumers with free Wi-Fi while they are in your establishment. Whilst this may be typically associated with service providers such as shops, cafés, and restaurants, it is becoming commonplace in a variety of commercial enterprises such as hairdressers, garages, and dentists. But how can you tell whether your Wi-Fi is fit enough for purpose and meeting service expectations?

The most important thing to remember about business Wi-Fi is that you need a trusted relationship with the right provider. One that can evaluate your company's requirements and ensure that your contract provides sufficient bandwidth to cover the needs of your business and customers. If you have an inadequate Wi-Fi setup, your staff will be held back in being able to do their jobs properly and consumers may be dissatisfied by the poor connection - and we all know how frustrating that can be.

There is a range of packages that Kick can offer to businesses tailored to requirements, which are offered after our extensive evaluation process to ensure that you receive the best option for your needs. This might include things like upgrading to high-speed fibre optic internet as a start, but it may also entail looking at your existing technology equipment. Upgraded infrastructure inside the company can reduce long-term costs and resource demands whilst freeing up space.

The phone system you're using might also play a role. VoIP is a method of making calls over the internet, so you don't need to use traditional phone lines for conversations.

Customers want Wi-Fi connectivity but ensuring that your existing infrastructure is up to the task first is also critical. Reach out to us today for a personalised assessment of how your broadband connection is holding up and what changes might be beneficial for you.

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