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In this post, we’ll outline Business Premium’s key features that have propelled its growth to become the on-demand software of choice for thousands of SMEs.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers the best-in-class Office applications that we are all familiar with, bolstered by an enhanced and comprehensive suite of security applications. Enhanced security is becoming more of a necessity as we enter a new generation of remote and blended working practices.  Business Premium effectively delivers solid foundations for securing access, devices and data.


Secure access

In enabling working from home, organisations are required to permit remote access to internal systems, with the main caveat being the host of security vulnerabilities that arise as a result. To combat instances of unauthorised access, Business premium provides:

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): Using additional verification measures, MFA requires users to authenticate their identity whilst accessing company systems and data. By preventing unauthorised access from non-employees, it protects even in instances where login details are compromised.
  • Conditional Access: In creating user-defined controls, organisations can restrict login access dependent on criteria to further protect company data. Examples include location and device, to safeguard and block access when login attempts are created from specific countries or unrecognised and compromised devices.
  • Azure AD App Proxy: To publish and enable access to critical, on-premise applications, remotely.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD): By creating a virtual desktop for remote access, employees can read sensitive and securely stored data from home without having the capability to download and store information locally. Likewise, fully virtualised workstations allow employees to use the full Office suite on virtual machines.


Secure devices

A world of blended working requires the use of many devices and shouldn’t be impeded by the challenges created with managing the security of data. Using Intune, Business Premium offers a comprehensive remote device management system by:

  • Adopting security policies, enabling essential Defender protection and wiping PC data remotely
  • Managing mobile devices and securing organisation data on personal mobiles
  • Implementing protection policies to restrict copying, pasting and saving of sensitive data to personal devices


Secure data

Using Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection you can protect your data from cyberattacks and phishing threats so that you are fully protected against compromised systems. This is achieved using:

  • Data Loss Prevention, which deploys policies that automatically intervene when sensitive information is attempted to be shared externally
  • Enhanced email scanning, using AI-powered analysis to block dangerous messages
  • Sophisticated and automatic link checking, to combat phishing schemes and prevent employees from accessing unsafe websites
  • Anti-spoofing, warning against instances of impersonation where cybercriminals trick users into thinking emails are internal and safe


Business Premium’s security capabilities are extensive, offering top-class protection and prevention of cyber threats. And with the recent addition of Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Universal Print, Business Premium subscribers now have access to robust anti-malware protection and cloud-based printing capabilities that negate the need for on-premise print servers.


With 300 years of combined experience providing over 10,000 users with Microsoft solutions, we are expertly positioned to deploy and support your Business Premium requirements. Get in touch with one of our experts today. We’re here to help.

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