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Connected applications, systems that ‘talk to each other’, a centralised operating platform, access anytime, anywhere – I guarantee you’ll have heard these terms (if you’re one of my customers then you’ve probably heard them directly from me 🙂). 

They can sound like buzzwords, jargon even, but in the world we currently operate in, where a pandemic has necessitated a sharpening of focus on digital transformation, these terms need to feature in your finance teams operational and tech plans. 

As a major re-seller of Infor ERP solutions and applications, I’d like to think that I help my customers to go deeper than these relatively superficial buzzwords and bring real meaning to them, helping them see that operating from a connected, centralised operating platform is a very real, achievable goal – and something that has become a business necessity, not a catchy line on a strategic plan. 

In this blog I’m going to match the buzzwords with a solution and showcase how Infor’s Operating Service can transform your business. 

What can I expect from OS? 

Let’s start with document management and my first buzzword – automation.  Document management can be a cumbersome, admin heavy part of your finance operation.  With OS, you’ll remove that admin burden, accessing a fully integrated centralised document repository.  You’ll experience shortened invoice processing time, faster document related processes, minimised data entry and remove the need for manual routing…and you’ll place automation at the core of your document management process. 

Next buzzword?  Integration.  With Infor OS, the ability to connect and integrate your core SunSystems and third party applications onto one platform is a major benefit to the overwhelming majority of my customers.  One of our key strengths here at Kick ICT is our knowledge around the full spectrum of applications available to support finance team and their processes.  Be it analytics solutions from Qlik, a host of SunSystems enhancing solutions from Professional Advantage or next generation reporting from Infor Q&A, with OS they can integrate and work together from one central platform.   

Let’s finish with one more buzzword that’s more relevant now than ever before – connectivity.  A core feature of Operating Service is the capability to access all your SunSystems and third-party apps, your data and all your key reports anytime, anywhere – a major benefit in the Covid restricted world.  And if I can stretch to one more related buzzword, collaboration, you’ll benefit from greater team collaboration with instant messenger-style communications helping everyone in your team to be accessible, engaged and together. 

Don’t just take my word for it… 

If you are currently using SunSystems then I can’t recommend Operating Service strongly enough and if you’ll allow me one more buzzword, I’m a bit of an evangelist.  That said, don’t take my word for it.  Let me leave with you a couple of quotes from my customers and, if you’re ready to kick on with the digital transformation of your finance team, get in touch. 

Deploying Operating Service as part of the wider project to modernise our finance systems has been a big step forward for our organisation.  It’s given us a confidence that we are operating from a secure platform that’s accessible wherever and whenever we need it.  As the pandemic impact continues, this has proven to be an incredibly important benefit.”   

Mike Gibson, Head of Finance, Viewpoint Housing Association 

Communication across our team and the accessibility of our key data and reports are crucial requirements for our finance team.  In working with Kick to deploy Infor Operating Service we’re able to meet these requirements with a platform that enables us to collaborate as a team wherever our location, alongside enjoying secure access to all the applications and data we need to function as a modern, efficient finance team.”   

Marlene Anderson, Head of Finance, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service 

Author: Paul Sutherland Head of Infor Sales here at Kick ICT. Follow Paul on LinkedIn for more information on Infor SunSystems and how to drive digital transformation in your finance team.


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