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Cyber security is fundamental as it encompasses everything from personal identifiable information(PII), intellectual property, protecting sensitive data, health information to government and industry information systems. 

In today’s tech savvy world, we are driven by global connectivity and usage of the Cloud to store sensitive or personal information leading to an increased risk of being exposed to cyber security vulnerabilities.  

That is why here at Kick ICT, we believe it is fundamentally important to have safe, secure and reliable data. We are serious about our commitment to UK domestic and international standards on cyber security, which is why we are pleased to announce we have achieved certification to the UK government Cyber Essentials scheme.  

Cyber Essentials is a government backed, industry supported scheme used to encourage organisations to protect themselves against common online threats and adopt secure IT practices for cyber and data security. The scheme launched back in 2014 to enable businesses to gain one of two Cyber Essentials badges and is suitable for all organisations, any size and in any sector.     

The Government now requires all suppliers bidding contracts involving the handling of certain sensitive and personal information to be certified against the Cyber Essentials scheme. This was developed in collaboration with UK Government and Industry partners, such as – the information security forum, the assurance for small and medium enterprises consortium and British standards institution.   

The main benefits obtained from Cyber Essentials Plus are: 

  1. Implement recognised, best-practise security controls to protect against cyber attacks 
  1. Reduced costs on insurance premiums through participating insurers 
  1. Enhanced customer confidence through your dedication and responsibility to security  
  1. Safeguard your reputation by reducing the likelihood of a cyber attack occurring 

The Cyber Essential Plus scheme will help you to improve business efficiency, save money and increase productivity. 


Our certification for Cyber Essentials Plus marks another landmark on Kick ICT’s journey of continuous security enhancements and ensures that we have the right mechanisms in place to help protect our systems, our services and our customers. For more information regarding the security measures we take, visit our website. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our IT experts give us a call on 01698 844 600. 

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