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Earlier this month, the plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2021 release wave 2 were published. Set to roll out automatically later this year, the second release wave comprises a vast array of updated features and enhancements to provide customers with the latest solutions.

This blog details the primary enhancements for both Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, so that customers can prepare for making the most of the software’s increased functionality and capabilities.


What’s new?

Dynamics 365:

Marketing – Capabilities for creating moments-based and segment-based customer journeys are to be improved, offering a much greater range of personalisation. Within the new segmentation builder, marketers can create segments for leads and custom entities using natural language to build target audiences quickly and easily. Followed by enhanced email generation using GPT-3 AI and optimisation with streamlined AB testing.

Sales – Deal manager is set to become generally available, allowing a new, modern workspace for managing your sales experience with enhanced integration between Dynamics Sales and Teams. Further enhancements include improvements with LinkedIn integration to Sales Navigator and Sales Accelerator.

Finance – Set to launch are Dynamics Finance Insights, empowering customers with machine learning and data-driven insights to enhance their financial operations. Likewise, with increased useability and performance with key financial reporting, Microsoft aims to ensure that all financial activities close on time.

HR – By simplifying the user experience of Benefits management, employees will have further capabilities for submitting and editing leave requests directly through the Teams app. For managers, enhanced views and more detailed reports on employee leave balances will provide better visibility of their team’s calendar.



Power Platform:

Power BI – Investment in BI is directed towards three data-focused targets: empower every individual, empower every team and empower every organisation.


For individuals, Power BI uses AI enhancements to produce advanced creator experiences and allow a more intuitive building experience.

For teams, Power BI is integrated into Microsoft Teams, Excel, Powerpoint and more.

For organisations, BI offers enhanced and accelerated delivery of data insights, within a centralised and secure application.


Power Apps – Developer tools are significantly enhanced, providing better functionality to create sophisticated and usable apps across the web and mobile devices. the new designer allows more modern apps to be created, leveraging the strengths of both canvas and model into a single app.


Currently in its early access release stage, release wave 2 will be available to the general public on 1 October 2021. As with release wave 1, updates will be automatically installed to allow you to make the best use of the new functionality, as soon as possible. You should become familiar with the upgrades and associated changes to ensure a seamless rollout.


Should you wish to speak to one of our experts on any aspect of the release wave 2, please call us on 01698 844 600. We’re here to help.


Further details on the specific upgrades for each application can be found here on Microsoft’s website.



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