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If you are looking to bring together different perspectives and diversity of experiences resulting in new products, services, and ways to drive revenues – then this blog will explain how to do that through collaboration.

SharePoint is a great tool for those looking to enhance communication in their organisation. SharePoint will provide you with a secure place to access, organise, share, and store information from any device. As it’s part of the Microsoft package, so you can seamlessly integrate with your other applications.

Microsoft considered the following challenges organisations were facing:
• Lack of centralised document management solutions through to document strategy.
• Growing reliance on email for storing and sharing documents throughout the company.
• Duplication of data throughout the organisation putting more pressure on IT infrastructure.
• Increased frustration due to the amount of time it takes to find data/up to date information about ongoing cases.

As a result, over the past few years, Microsoft have redesigned SharePoint with an emphasis on team relationships and incorporating cloud computing into all their applications. Using SharePoint as your centralised management solution would help improve collaboration between departments and individuals throughout your organisation and is ideal for those remote working.

Here’s how to get the best out of SharePoint:

1. SharePoint allows you to create a company-wide portal that will only be accessible to your staff allowing them to communicate more dynamically. Individual departments also have the option to set up their own mini sites, keeping everyone informed on what’s going on.
2. Filter information with SharePoint views – create tailored views that suit your area of the business. You can use this to filter your default information display to show exactly what you need while filtering out the rest.
3. Add Microsoft Azure Multifactor Authentication for an added layer of security and data protection.
4. Create electronic forms that customers, suppliers, and employees can access online through a web browser. Get all the data you need straight to your PC from customer surveys feedback to holiday requests.
5. Make use of group calendars – this is beneficial for your entire office and/or department. Each person will be able to view the shared calendar and easily find the best time for scheduling meetings without having to go back and forth to arrange the best time.
6. Use it to keep projects in line – with SharePoint, you don’t just have the ability to share information, but you can actively manage projects within the application too. Create approval workflows with deadlines and tasks that keeps documents moving from one stage to another automatically.

If you want to learn more about SharePoint or any other Microsoft applications, simply contact us on 01698 844 600 or visit our website for some more information.

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