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If you are a Dynamics 365 user and haven’t yet upgraded to Dynamics 365 Business Central, hopefully this blog will change your mind. We understand that changing to a new system can be a daunting thought for anyone, that’s why we wanted to highlight some useful features for Dynamics 365 Business Central to make adoption easier.

Here’s a list of some of great features of Dynamics 365 Business Central that we believe can greatly enhance productivity and benefit your business:

1.Recurring sales lines

Dynamics 365 Business Central includes a Recurring Sales Lines function that enables fast and accurate order entry which is made possible through combinations of default items and account codes per customer. To reduce manual data entry, you can pre-populate dimensions in the background as well as adding user-friendly names.

2.Recurring purchase lines

The purpose of this function is to allow easy and accurate order entry. Relationships between specific and nominal account codes or items and suppliers can be defined with the outcome of increasing both speed and accuracy.

Recurring purchase lines permit the correct codes to be easily selectable by the user by assigning a user-friendly name or even pre-populated on every new document for a supplier.

3. Copy document

With Business Central’s Copy document, you can rapidly recreate any existing document and amend to make any new changes. You’ll be able to save time and improve accuracy by reducing manual data input requirements.

4.Copy and paste

If your work requires several lines that are very similar or the same, copy and paste works seamlessly within Dynamics 365 Business Central to allow rapid data input.

5.Non-inventory items

This feature fills a major gap in services by offering you the ability to store additional information such as price lists and discounts for sales and purchasing. You will be able to capture financial data such as accounts and dimensions and default by item to facilitate detailed analysis of revenue and expenses. Non-inventory items will allow you to save time by not having to manually add details when processing sales and purchases transactions.

6.Item attributes

If you are looking to add unlimited classifications to items, Business Central item attributes does just this. You will no longer have to deal with challenging code conventions and associated order errors that come with each item.

Item attributes adapts to all size, dates, colours, specifications, seasonality, materials and more. You can also use attribute filtering to easily navigate items of the catalogue and save time searching.

7. Select Items

Business Central select items allows you to add dozens of items to your order simultaneously just by ticking the required boxes. For those who already have pricing set up in Business Central, you can raise a 50-line order in minutes by adding quantities to each line.

How can Kick help?

With over 300 years combined experience delivering transformational Microsoft solutions and accreditations including Microsoft Gold and Silver Patner and Jet Elite Partner status, you can trust in our expertise - we’re here to help.

For more information on how Dynamics 365 Business Central can help your business you can speak directly with your Kick account manager or, if you are new to Kick, then contact us or call 01698 844 600.

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