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Successfully working collaboratively and remotely are more important now than ever before as Covid restrictions continue to limit the opportunities to we all face when it comes to being in the office and physically around colleagues and peers.

However, for organisations that have embraced this challenge and invested in the capability to support their people to become effective remote communicators this transition has proven to be a positive experience and one on which a successful, well run and people focussed business can be sustained.

Here at Kick ICT we are long term users of Microsoft Teams, making this platform that allows our people and our customers to collaborative effectively, wherever their location.

In this blog we’ll share our three tips for successfully working remotely on Microsoft Teams, hopefully you’ll find a bit of inspiration here, eliminate some of your working from home challenges and take your remote communication with colleagues to a whole new level.

Make meetings as effective as possible
You’ll likely spend quite a lot of time in meetings so why not make the most of them? Meeting management is key here. Be on time, set a clear objective for the meeting, ensure all participants know what they’re coming along to and respect your colleagues’ diaries by finishing on time (or early 😊)
Use the record the meeting function, allowing everyone to fully focus in the meeting itself, safe in the knowledge they can use the recording to catch up on any missed detail. Remember to check everyone is comfortable with you recording

Don’t be afraid of video
When you’re meeting in the office you’re meeting face-to-face, why act differently form home? Turn on your video and let people see you smile 😀
She’s behind you! Use background blur to avoid distracting your colleagues, or even add in something a little funkier

Keep an eye on your mute button and avoid the dreaded ‘xxxx, I think you’re on mute…’
Maintain post-meeting momentum
Use the chat functionality to share follow up actions and to speak with colleagues to recap and clarify points
If necessary, create a channel to support the meeting and provide a central point for action sharing, file hosting or any other relevant content
As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 30 years’ experience delivering Microsoft solutions, we’re here to help you make the most of Microsoft Teams – from getting started to making the most of Teams within your organisation.

What’s more, our Microsoft Gold Partner gives us access to free licences which we can provision to help your organisation get started.

Contact us today for an initial discussion around your Teams requirements.

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