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Welcome to Kickabout our monthly blog! We’ll use this to keep you updated with what’s happening here each month at Kick ICT, while providing you with our latest helpful resources and solutions that we believe will bring value to your business.

60-second Takeaways

1.We’re excited to announce our inclusion on the UK government’s Digital Marketplace for G-Cloud 12, with 24 Kick ICT products and services listed in total.

This is the first time we have applied as Kick ICT, having previously been listed for 6 services under our Castle brand. Achieving listing for such a wide variety of our services is fantastic news and we’re delighted to be recognised by a government backed initiative such as this.

Check our latest blog for more details.

2. With many of us working from home again, we thought we would take this opportunity to refresh on our best tips for WFH concentrating on protecting your our mental well-being, infrastructure and communication. Check out our blog here.

3.Don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar series where we will showcase a range of solutions that will help modernise your finance and accounting function. You’re invited to attended and can book your place by clicking here.

Your feedback counts 

We aim to deliver excellent customer service to our customers and continually meet their needs to ensure their experience with Kick ICT is a positive on.

Following the introduction of our customer satisfaction programme, we are pleased to have such gained such positive feedback, here’s a few of our favourites:

“Thank you for all your support, in successfully delivering our project in these “unprecedented” times with all the constraints and difficulties that come with that. The delivery of this project represents a significant development in the way we process payments and represents an upgrade of the current BACs solution, providing the team with increased working flexibility which is absolutely essential at this critical time.”

Ann McGowan, Skills Development Scotland

“Very helpful and got it sorted in no time at all”

Clare Robertson, Scottish Shellfish

“The response was very quick and Mark even taught me how to fix my problem if it comes up again in the future.”

Eleanor Quinn, Omega Diagnostics

Did you know?

We are currently rated 4.9/5 for customer support, based on feedback directly from you, with over 1,000 survey responses this year! Thanks to everyone who has responded and anytime you log a support call look out for the email that gives you chance to share your thoughts on our service.

That’s all for October, thanks for taking the time to read kickabout!

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