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You’re off and running with Microsoft Teams (unless you’re not, in which case check out our Getting Started blog), now you need to set up some teams.

What’s a team?

This is simple, it’s basically a group of people working on a shared project or towards an agreed outcome.  This is the team and they collaborate in a channel to get collaborative and deliver their work. 

To get your head around teams and channels Microsoft recommend setting up a ‘Get to know Teams’ team formed of your early adopters, sharing ideas and usage insights, they can then share this learning across the organisation.

Here’s Microsoft’s starter for 10 on some channels to set up for this team:

Create a team

Creating a team is simple 3 step process when you are in Teams, click Teams > Join or create a team > Create a new team.  Once your set, get thinking about inviting people to join and setting up some channels, our big recommendation here is to make channel names super descriptive to help people understand its purpose.

You’re invited!

You’ve got your first team and channel set up, now it’s time to get your early adopters involved.  A personal email inviting users is ideal, we recommend the email should cover:

  • Brief description on what Teams is
  • Signposting to the ‘Get to know Teams’ team you’ve created
  • Link to our blog that includes a 15 min explainer on how to make the most of Teams, well worth a watch
  • Link to the Team site

We also recommend sharing this same content as part of your welcome message in Teams.

Organisation-wide roll out

Once your early adopters have built a degree of confidence within Teams then it’s time to roll out across the organisation.  For smaller organisations this can be relatively straightforward, it’s a matter of repeating the steps above and increasing usage across various teams, departments and project groups in the business.

Adoption plans for larger organisations can be complex, depending on your environment. For large-scale deployments, we recommend using a Microsoft partner to support across each step to ensure a safe and secure roll out with minimal business disruption and maximum adoption.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 30 years’ experience delivering Microsoft solutions we’re here to help, contact us today for an initial discussion around your requirements.

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