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We’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with Maggie’s, the cancer care charity, to become a member of their Founding1000 initiative.

Funding1000 is a growing business movement to support Maggie’s Cancer Care.  In becoming a member we’re able to contribute to helping Maggie’s continue to provide expert emotional, practical and social support to individuals or families at their time of need with a care package that includes:


  • 8 sessions with a cancer support specialist to help people find answers to difficult questions
  • 4 sessions with a psychologist to help find ways to live with uncertainty post treatment
  • 4 sessions with a benefits advisor to help access financial support
  • 4 managing less stress sessions to find calm in the chaos of cancer
  • 6 nutrition sessions to help live and eat better with cancer
  • 4 light exercise sessions to help rebuild confidence and strength


No-one should face cancer alone and Maggie’s is there to help people affected by cancer, their family, friends and colleagues.  Visiting the Maggie’s website is a great first step to ensuring you and your loved ones can access the support they need.


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